Friday, April 25, 2014

OMG Orange is In Black is Out!

First of this is a Netflix Exclusive so if your wondering where to find it there you go : )

Jenji Kohan created a series about life in prison the same person who made Weeds and surprise it's actually pretty good.  This comedy-drama stars Taylor Schilling as a suburban housewife who ends up going to prison because of her girl friend played by Laura Prepon.

This picture as you can see has a color cast of characters and is pretty chaotic XD this is the vibe of the show for Taylor Schillings character. with a Russian cook who runs the kitchen among other things. An ex junkie and her girlfriend who is planing a wedding with her fiancee when she gets out of prison. A lesbian stalker who is considered crazy. A transvestite hair stylist going through estrogen withdrawal . A prison girl having a fling with a prison guard. A religious god crazy girl not to mention her ex girlfriend who put her jail.

Makes this series not only colorful but entertaining she has an array of problems to deal with when she is incarcerated. the humor ranges from dry to raunchy and in this setting it works well the characters are well written and well casted having an array of talented actors like Jason Biggs and Kate Mulgrew. I really can't say much more except 5 star comedy in my opinion something I don't give lightly it's smart funny and just plan surprising I enjoy it thoroughly and can't wait for season 2 coming June 6th.

Now if you excuse me I have a wonderful person to spend my time with until next time I bid you all a due.

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