Friday, April 25, 2014

OMG Orange is In Black is Out!

First of this is a Netflix Exclusive so if your wondering where to find it there you go : )

Jenji Kohan created a series about life in prison the same person who made Weeds and surprise it's actually pretty good.  This comedy-drama stars Taylor Schilling as a suburban housewife who ends up going to prison because of her girl friend played by Laura Prepon.

This picture as you can see has a color cast of characters and is pretty chaotic XD this is the vibe of the show for Taylor Schillings character. with a Russian cook who runs the kitchen among other things. An ex junkie and her girlfriend who is planing a wedding with her fiancee when she gets out of prison. A lesbian stalker who is considered crazy. A transvestite hair stylist going through estrogen withdrawal . A prison girl having a fling with a prison guard. A religious god crazy girl not to mention her ex girlfriend who put her jail.

Makes this series not only colorful but entertaining she has an array of problems to deal with when she is incarcerated. the humor ranges from dry to raunchy and in this setting it works well the characters are well written and well casted having an array of talented actors like Jason Biggs and Kate Mulgrew. I really can't say much more except 5 star comedy in my opinion something I don't give lightly it's smart funny and just plan surprising I enjoy it thoroughly and can't wait for season 2 coming June 6th.

Now if you excuse me I have a wonderful person to spend my time with until next time I bid you all a due.

Friday, April 18, 2014

What to Expect What Your Expecting

Hello after a long absence I am back. OK our subject  as you can see is many know as the famous or infamous depending on what you look at and talk too book. Actually no I'm gonna talk about the movie but, just to make sure you all are aware lets talk about this book first.

This book is known for helping pregnant mothers everywhere keep their mind at ease. In fact most mothers still have this book honestly it looks like it will never go out of print. This movie of the same title inspired by this book has you guessed it all to do with pregnancy.

OK the overview this is a romantic comedy directed by Kirk Jones and as you would expect it about pregnancy.  This film chooses to focus on five different couples all having baby issues.

So lets analyze each couple one by one ladies first ^_^  

*Warning Spoilers skip to next stars for the spoiler free part*

Elizabeth Banks plays a woman running a baby store particularly how to feed your baby milk and how to sooth your breasts. this woman looks like she fell out of the 1950's and during the first part of the film acted like a perfect house wife until she gets pregnant. This woman plays the part of a woman who always wanted to get pregnant she even says she wanted to for the glow. She learns however when she does that pregnancy is hell and not glamorous but a lot a work. I didn't like her character at first but I found her to be one of my favorites by the end.

I choose to talk about Brooklyn Decker's character next because Elizabeth Banks character's husband's father.....O.O damn what a mouth full anyway is this is the father's wife. The father and his son seem to have family issues both their wife's are both expecting hmm the last time I saw something similar this was in Father of the Bride Part 2. that was done decently this was ehh done only OK Brooklyn Decker's character was more or less along for the ride in this movie the best part with her was the baby shower scene she even though not really liked by her step son defends him on to her husband it was nice moment. She was a nice character but she won't be the one you remember.

Jennifer Lopez plays a character who can't get pregnant wait WAIT THIS MOVIE IS NOT JUST PREGNANCY! yep it's true it's not and I love Jennifer's character her story even made me tear up a little yeah I know I'm a big baby XD. she plays a hopeful girl in a a low playing job who can't pregnant and turns to adoption. She works hard fills out everything and tries her hardest to get a baby. Her story was sweet and heart felt I enjoyed it.

Anna Kendrick plays a girl who didn't plan a pregnancy freaks out but unlike every other movie she doesn't have it no not by abortion a miscarriage. What this does is effectively end her story about being about pregnancy and more about her relationship with the guy who got her pregnant in the first place. I'm a little on the fence on this one I liked her story but it seemed like it could do well by itself rather then part of this entourage of mothers.

Cameron Diaz plays a television star and  I guess celebrity pregnancy role. Being slashed by the media and her boyfriend her knocked her up all while trying to keep her show together really takes it out of her. Honestly her story was barely there despite being the first one introduced but as it goes her story gets better.

Now to talk about the dad's although the group pictured above are not the husbands of any of the lady's I introduced. no they are Dudes Group as it says run by Chris Rock a group of dads that love being dads. A little over the top right to how they were introduced.

Ben Falcone plays the husband to the baby lady as she is titled. All he wants besides being their for his wife is to settle a race with his dad. that's right a race his dad and him apparently have a long history of family trouble which climaxes at his dad's new wife's baby shower and then heals in delivery. so all in all his side of things was more about healing the family then his wife's pregnancy. so it was good but doesn't really stick with his wife's story that much.

Dennis Quaid's character like his wife is just along for the ride except when fulfilling the story of son verses father. he plays a rich famous race car driver father with a lot of money who is obsessed with winning. his best moment was the devilry room hallway when he comforts his son it was nice but not great.

Rodrigo Santoro plays the husband of Jennifer Lopez's character. He plays the guy that's unsure and doesn't know if he want's a child or even a new house and tries his hardest for his wife even trying to get in the dudes group you saw above. He in relation to his wives fit very well and ti flowed wonderfully like I said their story made me tear up and for good reason it's great.

Chance Crawford is the boyfriend of the girl who doesn't plan and like I said they have a nice story but it was more about their relationship and they weren't exactly needed but I am glad they were their it was a sweet melancholy and nice story.

Matthew Morrison plays the boyfriend of the celebrity pregnant girl. he deals with all his wife's wishes and feeling like he has no say it actually came across well and related well to pregnancy  and it's stresses. so their story was good not bad not perfect but not exactly great it was however enjoyable.

*Spoilers End here*

OK the verdict it is actually pretty good and enjoyable despite it's long length. the stories are enjoyable and the characters are likable :) I give it 3 stars it's worth a watch for sure but only buy it if you thought it was so enjoyable you will watch it more then a couple of times for a couple I would say it was a decent and pretty good date movie.

That's all for now now like a pregnant mother I'm craving some chocolate see you later all ^__^

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Awwww cute pictures

Hello I'm the mood for sharing some cute Shota pictures.

                                                                                So Here

There we go as you see I'm in a lovey dovey mood all thanks to my wonderful boyfriend he makes me smile! Hmm also see you later bye bye this Zach Nightmare wishing all couples everlasting happiness until someone forgets to clean hahaha

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

little known cinema:A Fine Kettle Of Fish

Hi there I'm here to talk about a little known romantic comedy called Kettle Of Fish oh and to say sorry for the long break OK now Kettle Of Fish

Yes that one but let me find a better poster but I will go back to a point on this one.
Ahh there we are the main stars of  this romantic comedy the lovely Gina Gershon and the by some called wooden but in my opinion more like confined actor Matthew Modine. joining this movie is Christy Scott Cashman,Isiah Whitlock Jr., Kevin J.O'Connor, and Fisher Stevens. Now for a trailer!
There we are Mel (Matthew Modine) was just kicked out by his girlfriend and has to find a a place to live he finds a n apartment for rent by Ginger (Gina Gershon) who as it happens actually needs to stay in the apartment for a little while longer forcing them both to stay in the same apartment later Mel has a job playing at a wedding on the way there he has a special encounter with a young lady (Christy Scott Cashman) that leaves him love struck to bad that women is the bride at the wedding he is working at still Mel tries to go after her making a love triangle.
Pretty typical for a a romantic comedy but with out giving to much away this movie puts a spin on this and no not like the two girls in the picture only pic I could fine but the dynamic of the picture above would be awesome! it spins it in truly a unique perspective now lets take another look at that poster.
ahh the motto of this movie is a frog and a fish can't fall in love and in all honesty it's obvious but it works. it's a cute and sweet movie I give it a 3 out of 5 nothing fantastic but still a decent date movie.
Now go out and exercise it's summer until next time I'm gonna go get hot and then get wet hahaha Zach Nightmare signing off!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Get to know my better part 1. What is that on my radio

Hey all no review today but I thought it would be fun to share some some songs I like so here are 10 songs I like.

1.Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush

Kate Bush is probably best known for her song Withering Heights but the feeling I get when listening  to this one makes me feel just at ease I nice song meditate to in my opinion.
2.Rock Lobster by The B52's
Yeah I know (who the hell actually likes the b52's?) well I do they have catchy songs in my opinion and honestly I love listening to this one it's just so hilarious when someone walks in and looks at me funny for playing this song hahaha .
3.Pocket Calculator by Kraftwerk
The perfect song to play while I'm working it's fun,catchy,and explains perfectly the relationship between a man and machine yes I am the operator of my pocket calculator.
4.Close but No Cigar by Thomas Dolby
Thomas Dolby has to be one of my favorite artist I just love his songs it was hard to choose one they all came close but no cigar well the one I choose was Close but No Cigar. (hahaha)
5.Maniac By Michael Sembello
My workout song I don't exercise much but when I do this song gets placed on repeat hmm does that make me a maniac.
6.In The Garage by Wheezer
Yes a theme song for nerds I absolutely love and can relate to this song well not all of it I don't live in the garage.
7. Jumpin Jack Flash by The Rolling Stones
all right this song can Start me Up whenever I feel low on energy (see what I did there)
8.Like A Surgeon by Weird Al Yankovic
hahaha oh I love this song it's like a guilty pleasure song of mine!
9.Witchcraft by Frank Sinatra
Oh what a wonderful song smooth and light I love it.
10.Video Killed The Radio Star by The Buggles
Nothing to say except....MY JAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Well there you go a taste of what I like this is Zach Nightmare I well see you later hopefully with a review I have to go prepare dinner now while more then likely listening to some sweet songs bye bye!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Beauty and the beast and the Beat!

In honor of my lovely boyfriend my first review is of a Canadian film Rock & Rule! Mok A legendary super rocker is searching the world for a voice that will unlock the key to Armageddon. Said   more or a less by this intro into the world of Rock & Rule a few min. into the film. This film uses a very unique style of animation as you can see by the trailer the combination of several types gives it a beautiful and hauntingly lovely animated tale. As for the story at times it can seem like it's rushed but it tries to compensate for it's short time of 70 minutes with a several big hit artists including Cheap Trick,Lou Reed,Iggy Pop,Debbie Harry, and a special performance by Earth,Wind and Fire. The soundtrack is truly  good although personally besides the signature last song I was most affected by the background music it was very haunting and matched the animation well.
This handsome YUCK man is the super rocker mentioned above and the man villain I'm sorry lets admire how ugly he is for a minute ugh it makes you feel better about yourself right? OK back to business  this is the main antagonist of Rock & Rule and honestly I think he is a pretty damn good antagonist for such a small running film. He is freaky crazy and honestly just well written I mean look at these lines.
                              His name is Mok and he is the biggest thing since world war 3.                                                                                                  (well he said it I didn't)

told you he said it.
Omar is the main protagonist of rock and rule and funny enough he has two voices! Seriously this film has two versions and the main difference is the voice actor for this guy is different  in both films! well no matter voice he has Omar is the same brash.loud,and a real ass who doesn't show his true kindness till the end of the film.
Angel is however the character that stole the picture for me not only is she likable character but sole heroine of the picture well unless you count Cinderella....

No not that Cinderella...
 Yep that Cinderella pretty cool side character to so on with the verdict!
  All in all it was an enjoyable experience nice track and a cool ride  I give it 3 out of 5 worth a watch but only buy if you think you enjoyed it enough which I did buy it by the way. :)

And now I leave you with a couple of  SFW Shotas playing instruments as well as the final song to Rock And Rule.
not a huge Len fan but he is still cute.
Awww so adorable and my new background!

     And Tomo from School Boys I love Kirya Gymno he is one of my top fav Shota artists!
Till next time this Zach Nightmare saying always Rock And Rule!