Wednesday, July 17, 2013

little known cinema:A Fine Kettle Of Fish

Hi there I'm here to talk about a little known romantic comedy called Kettle Of Fish oh and to say sorry for the long break OK now Kettle Of Fish

Yes that one but let me find a better poster but I will go back to a point on this one.
Ahh there we are the main stars of  this romantic comedy the lovely Gina Gershon and the by some called wooden but in my opinion more like confined actor Matthew Modine. joining this movie is Christy Scott Cashman,Isiah Whitlock Jr., Kevin J.O'Connor, and Fisher Stevens. Now for a trailer!
There we are Mel (Matthew Modine) was just kicked out by his girlfriend and has to find a a place to live he finds a n apartment for rent by Ginger (Gina Gershon) who as it happens actually needs to stay in the apartment for a little while longer forcing them both to stay in the same apartment later Mel has a job playing at a wedding on the way there he has a special encounter with a young lady (Christy Scott Cashman) that leaves him love struck to bad that women is the bride at the wedding he is working at still Mel tries to go after her making a love triangle.
Pretty typical for a a romantic comedy but with out giving to much away this movie puts a spin on this and no not like the two girls in the picture only pic I could fine but the dynamic of the picture above would be awesome! it spins it in truly a unique perspective now lets take another look at that poster.
ahh the motto of this movie is a frog and a fish can't fall in love and in all honesty it's obvious but it works. it's a cute and sweet movie I give it a 3 out of 5 nothing fantastic but still a decent date movie.
Now go out and exercise it's summer until next time I'm gonna go get hot and then get wet hahaha Zach Nightmare signing off!

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