Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Beauty and the beast and the Beat!

In honor of my lovely boyfriend my first review is of a Canadian film Rock & Rule! Mok A legendary super rocker is searching the world for a voice that will unlock the key to Armageddon. Said   more or a less by this intro into the world of Rock & Rule a few min. into the film. This film uses a very unique style of animation as you can see by the trailer the combination of several types gives it a beautiful and hauntingly lovely animated tale. As for the story at times it can seem like it's rushed but it tries to compensate for it's short time of 70 minutes with a several big hit artists including Cheap Trick,Lou Reed,Iggy Pop,Debbie Harry, and a special performance by Earth,Wind and Fire. The soundtrack is truly  good although personally besides the signature last song I was most affected by the background music it was very haunting and matched the animation well.
This handsome YUCK man is the super rocker mentioned above and the man villain I'm sorry lets admire how ugly he is for a minute ugh it makes you feel better about yourself right? OK back to business  this is the main antagonist of Rock & Rule and honestly I think he is a pretty damn good antagonist for such a small running film. He is freaky crazy and honestly just well written I mean look at these lines.
                              His name is Mok and he is the biggest thing since world war 3.                                                                                                  (well he said it I didn't)

told you he said it.
Omar is the main protagonist of rock and rule and funny enough he has two voices! Seriously this film has two versions and the main difference is the voice actor for this guy is different  in both films! well no matter voice he has Omar is the same brash.loud,and a real ass who doesn't show his true kindness till the end of the film.
Angel is however the character that stole the picture for me not only is she likable character but sole heroine of the picture well unless you count Cinderella....

No not that Cinderella...
 Yep that Cinderella pretty cool side character to so on with the verdict!
  All in all it was an enjoyable experience nice track and a cool ride  I give it 3 out of 5 worth a watch but only buy if you think you enjoyed it enough which I did buy it by the way. :)

And now I leave you with a couple of  SFW Shotas playing instruments as well as the final song to Rock And Rule.
not a huge Len fan but he is still cute.
Awww so adorable and my new background!

     And Tomo from School Boys I love Kirya Gymno he is one of my top fav Shota artists!
Till next time this Zach Nightmare saying always Rock And Rule!

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