Thursday, July 4, 2013

An intro for those interested in entering this god forsaken place

The picture above describes me perfectly full of personalty I am Nightmare A shy but, all around nice. obviously as you can tell I like Shotacon (cue flames) and will be posting cute pics from time to time. I'm also a Furry a mouse to be exact and will comment on that from time to time my Reference sheet is below.
  Besides that I also like to write stories of all sorts of genre except sports I can't write sports never write what you are not good at.
I'm also quite the movie  buff and I'm not just saying that I analyze down to a science. As such I will be reviewing several Films and Shows and even a few Games. I use a 5 star rating system but, I should warn you like all mice I also like Cheese!
Cheesy movies that is I love them and the worse they are the better and I will be happy to share these atrocities to cinema with you!
  That's pretty much it neat huh? Oh right, also I won't mind sharing some sweet songs I like as well. hmm, to close for now a little about myself I haven't told you I like art I support gay rights (bring on the flames!) and I'm a Wiccan (hahaha I love flames!) Currently I'm in a relationship (Awwwwww!) I love being Lovey Dovey!  Hope you enjoy this Blog and find at least some of my content interesting oh by the way I'm Male forgot to say that hahaha!

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